рассказ на английском языке о спорте

рассказ на английском про спорт

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  3. Football
    Many players think that theyll play better if they follow certain rituals before a match. Some always tie the laces of their right boot first. Others kiss their football shirts before the match. Some people say that double numbers on a players shirt could bring good luck. David Beckham wears a new pair of boots for every match.
    The famous New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, perform an ancient Maori dance called the Haka before each match. Its a very dramatic sight, and even if it doesnt help the All Blacks to win, itll definitely frighten the opposing team!
    Formula One racing
    World-famous racing driver, Michael Schumacher, is one of many racing drivers who believes that a ritual will help him win. He always gets into his car in the same way before a race. For him the left-hand side of the car is the lucky side but that is not enough: he makes certain that he puts his right foot into the car first! A strong superstition in the racing world is that the colour green is unlucky.
    The last person to get the ball in the basket in a pre-match warm up will have a good game. If you wipe the soles of your sneakers, you will definitely have better luck. Michael Jordan always wore blue shorts under his uniform to bring him luck.
    Across the world tennis players believe that holding more than two balls while serving will probably bring bad luck. Some say that it might be unlucky to step on the court lines during a match. The famous tennis player Goran Ivanisevic has a strict pre-game ritual. When in London, he books the same table of the same of restaurant and orders the same feast of fish soup, lamb and ice cream with chocolate sauce. British number one, Tim Henman, has a favourite shower cubicle at Wimbdledon, which he uses before and after his matches. He refuses to use any other shower cubicle.

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